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Living on your own

Personality Development and Goal Setting


This course is intended to help students prepare for college classes and college level work.

Contains online modules for German CIS

In this course, we will learn the technology skills necessary to participate in online courses including:

  • submitting assignments to a dropbox
  • checking grades
  • taking quizzes
  • participating in online discussions called forums
  • messaging or emailing other students and teachers

Introduction to Online Learning is a course that will introduce students to the various aspects of learning in an online environment.





Hybrid Physical Education for Seniors

This course is designed to introduce students to the processes and habits of mind needed to be successful in science course work at RAHS.  In addition, this course allows students the opportunity to meet the state science standards.

Physics is an algebra based introductory physics course that introduces students to the ideas of motion, forces, energy, electricity, and magnetism.  The focus of the course is on rigorous application of theory to textbook, laboratory, and real world situations.   The course does not assume a previous knowledge of any of the physics topics presented. Students are assumed to have strong math and interpersonal skills.

The course will provide excellent preparation for student bound for college study in the sciences, engeineering, mathematics, medicine, and those students desiring a challenging course to round out their study of sciece in hifgh school.

Physics is special among the sciences because those concepts that are typically studied by physicists are the most fundamental concepts helpful to understanding the universe.  It is literally true that the concepts of physics can be applied nearly anywhere.  In the end, much chemistry and biology can be understood by applying appropriate physics principles.

Physics is the study of fundamental interactions, matter and motion. But physics is more than a study of existing knowledge.  It is an approach to learning about the world.  It is a way of thinking.  This way of thinking includes the rigorous application of a small number of models (theories) to explain and predict things.  This way of thinking is valuable in nearly any field from physics to finance.

“In science there is only physics; All else is stamp collecting”- E. Rutherford

9th Grade Science B

This course is designed for 9th grade students. It will cover scientific method, measurements, oscillating models, and energy. This course meet the new 9th grade State  Standards.

This course is designed for students who have been pre-approved by science and counseling staff. This course will cover all the topics taught in general biology class, however, it will not go into depth as the general biology course.

This course will include:

Characteristics of Life




Earth History & Natural Selection

Resources to teach WS10A for teachers.

This website will be a central location to links/resources that will help you study for the AP Human Geography test on May 13!

Weigel HGB Tri 3 Hr 3

Weigel HGB Tri 3 Hr 1 & 5

Human Geography B, 3rd trimester

Human Geography 9A

Summer School course for Human Geography 9A & 9B.

Emvironment Unit to supplement Human Geography course.

This course is designed to provide a year-long curriculum and resources for teachers at Roseville Area High School in relation to the school's goal around reading.

A place for information and learning for new licensed staff.

This is video productions.

turning and carving

woods 5

woods 3

woods 2

woods 1


This is the second part of the online Work Experience course.  This course is intended for students who have completed the first Work Experience online course.

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